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Cough + Flu # Me

Why am I getting lots of coughs and colds now that I'm pregnant?

During pregnancy, your immune system changes so that its main purpose is to protect your developing baby. This means that you can be more susceptible to the germs that cause coughs, colds and flu.

How can I protect myself against colds and flu?

You can't protect yourself from every cold and flu virus, but you can give your immune system a helping hand by doing the following: 
  • Eat healthy balanced meals including plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains. A variety of these will give you minerals and antioxidant vitamins, which will help you to fight infections.
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water, herbal teas or fruit juice to flush out your system and boost your levels of vitamins and minerals. Try to limit how many caffeinated or sugary drinks you have.
  • Rest when you feel you need to, and try to keep stress levels to a minimum.
  • Do some exercise. It can improve your circulation and help you to fight infections.
  • If you smoke, give it up. It's harmful to your baby and also damages your immune system.

If you eat a variety of healthy foods you will get all the vitamins you need. If you're thinking about taking a pregnancy multivitamin, talk to your doctor or midwife first.

How can I treat a cold during pregnancy?

Colds can make you feel miserable. You may have the following symptoms:

Take it easy, rest when you feel tired, and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

You could also try these remedies to ease your cold, depending on what symptoms you have:
  • Stuffy nose: add two or three drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot water. Lean over the bowl with a towel over your head and inhale the steam to help clear your congestion. You could also turn on the shower to hot, and sit in the bathroom for 10 minutes.
  • Instant relief: at night, or when you're out and about, put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on a tissue, and sniff. You could also try menthol sweets.
  • Sore throat or cough: try honey and lemon mixed in hot water, or try a linctus or cough medicine containing glycerine and honey. Throat lozenges may help, too.
  • Headache or fever: you may want to take paracetamol. Follow the dosage instructions on the packet and take it for the shortest amount of time possible.

Check with your pharmacist or doctor before taking cough and cold remedies in pregnancy, as many are not suitable during pregnancy. If you do take any over-the-counter cough and cold remedies, use as little medicine as possible for the shortest time possible.

If you're really bunged up, and you've tried everything else, ask your GP or pharmacist to suggest nasal sprays containing oxymetazoline or xylometazoline. Or if you have a cough that won't go away, talk to your GP or pharmacist about a suitable cough medicine.

I have flu. How can I treat it?

Flu can really lay you low when you're pregnant, so take it easy. If you have flu you may have:

If you're worried about your flu symptoms, see you GP. Get plenty of bed rest and stay away from work until you are fully recovered. 

You can also try the following treatments:
  • Drink plenty of water, especially if you have a fever, so you don't get dehydrated
  • Take paracetamol to bring down your fever and soothe any aches and pains. Follow the dosage instructions on the packet or ask your GP or pharmacist if you're unsure how much you should take.
  • Stay in bed if you feel very unwell, but don't get too hot and sweaty under the duvet. It's best not to get overheated when you're pregnant.
  • Though you won't feel like eating at first, when you do, try to eat something nutritious. Have some fruit, wholegrain toast, or a warm, milky drink.

When should I see my GP?

If your cold or flu symptoms don't seem to be lifting after a few days, or if you develop breathing difficulties, see your GP. You may have a secondary infection, such as a chest infection, which will need treatment. Your immune system isn't working in quite the same way during pregnancy, so a cold can turn into something worse. 

If you have any worries about your health, always talk to your GP or midwife. They will be happy to answer any questions, however minor you may feel they are.

Will flu harm my baby?

No, however uncomfortable you may feel when you have flu, your baby is well protected against the virus. But if you have a high temperature, see your GP to get it checked out.

My GP says I need antibiotics. Will these harm my baby?

There are many antibiotics which are safe to take during pregnancy, but some aren't. Make sure your GP knows you are pregnant, and how many weeks along you are. Your GP will prescribe one that is safe for pregnancy. You'll need to finish the whole course of antibiotics to make a full recovery.

Is it safe to have the seasonal flu jab during pregnancy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. There is no evidence that the seasonal flu jab will harm you or your baby. The vaccine contains an inactivated virus which means you can't become infected from it. 

The seasonal flu jab is recommended to all pregnant women, so talk to your GP about having it.

* Reference : BabyCentre

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